Arts, Culture, Leisure & Tourism

Slattery understands the value and benefit of great cultural and civic spaces to communities, to defining identity and place-making alongside stimulating and sustainable environments to learn, live and work in.

At Slattery we believe in making the world a better place through the built environment. Our team enjoy being involved in civic, cultural and educational infrastructure projects as they provide a real opportunity to contribute to local culture and the economy.


Juanita Nielsen Community Centre, Sydney

Slattery was the cost manager for the major refurbishment of this 19th century heritage listed building in Woolloomooloo, the Juanita Nielsen Community Centre (NSW) which re-opened in late 2016. The building had been used as a multipurpose community recreation space since 1984 but had outgrown its original space. Designed by ... more


Wyndham Park Redevelopment, Wyndham City Council

Slattery were engaged by the Wyndham City Council to provide Full Cost Planning and Cost Management services for the redevelopment of Wyndham Park. The purpose of the redevelopment is to create a central park and events space, whilst aiming to provide economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits to the residents ... more


Murwillumbah Education Campus

Slattery were engaged to provide Phase 2 to 9 cost management services for the redevelopment of the Murwillumbah High School site to create a new Kindergarten to Year 12 education campus. The new site will include a primary school, a high school and school community health hub facilities. The campus ... more


Cowes Cultural and Community Centre

Slattery were engaged to provide cost management services for the redevelopment of the Cowes Cultural and Community Centre which is a replacement of the existing centre. The hub incorporates a new service desk, a theatre/cinema, a public library, function rooms, meeting rooms, and amenities. It will aim to bring cultural ... more


Buxton Contemporary

Slattery were engaged to work with Michael Buxton and the University of Melbourne to transform a space between heritage buildings on the VCA campus to a high quality art gallery, to house Mr. Buxton’s collection of contemporary art as well as exhibitions by professional artists. The project involved managing multiple ... more