Integrated Project Controls

Our Project Controls team undertake rigorous data analysis to create a holistic understanding of the potential time and cost outcomes of projects. We distil this complex data to help our clients make smart decisions for their projects.

Integrated Project Controls utilises multiple processes to evaluate projects and effectively communicate interpreted data. These processes work cohesively through a framework that empowers clients and stakeholders to make informed and timely decisions. Our service includes:

  • Planning, schedule formulation and integrated program cashflow to balance time and cost constraints
  • Pre-bid / Contract program compliance, health check and critique to provide project delivery assurance
  • Lenders Technical due diligence Assessment (LTA)
  • Project control framework setup, audit and management which ensures stakeholders can rely on consistent and clear communication
  • Integrated cost and schedule performance measurement Earned Value Analysis (EVA) & Earned Value Management (EVM) to forecast a project’s total end cost and projected date of practical completion
  • Program monitoring, review and status reporting to identify potential problems before they occur and inform stakeholders on key metrics
  • Delay, disruption, acceleration and Extensions Of Time (EOT) claim assessments to allow unambiguous visualisation based on actual data in respect to the liability appropriation of such claims
  • Forensic analysis and expert witness reporting through recognised scheduling and analytical methodologies to establish root causation and the ensuing effect of various delay scenarios.