Slattery Vision for Reconciliation 2023 – 2025

At Slattery, we are committed to our vision of creating better outcomes for all communities through the built environment. We envisage an Australia where the Traditional Custodians of the land are appreciated and represented throughout the property and construction industry. Our industry will represent the diversity of Australia, enriched by mutually beneficial partnerships between First Nations peoples and non-Indigenous Australians. We look forward to contributing to a built environment that holistically recognises, respects, and upholds the cultural heritage of First Nations peoples – their connection to Country, language, and history.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) journey

“Slattery launched our first RAP in February 2021 with a clear vision to provide empowering and meaningful opportunities for First Nations peoples, and to play our part in recognising, respecting and upholding the heritage of the Traditional Custodians of our land. That vision remains crystal clear, but we now have a richer understanding of the work required to achieve that vision and where our influence, as quantity surveyors and industry problem-solvers, can deliver the greatest impact.” Sarah Slattery, CEO Slattery

Our inaugural RAP represented a formalised commitment to support the national reconciliation movement, driving our contribution both internally and within the communities in which we operate. Our team has been privileged to work with First Nations peoples through personal engagement, education and support and attendance at cultural events over the course of our RAP. With the launch of our second “Innovate” RAP, we look to build upon this strong foundation and continue to support and learn from First Nations peoples through an emphasis on relationships, respect and opportunities.

“This Innovate RAP is an opportunity for Slattery to strengthen these relationships, gain crucial experience, and nurture connections that will become the lifeblood of its future RAP commitments. By enabling and empowering staff to contribute to this process, Slattery will ensure shared and cooperative success in the long-term.” Karen Mundine, CEO, Reconciliation Australia

The RAP program frames reconciliation into four pillars – relationships, respect, opportunities, and governance. This highlights the necessity of consulting and collaborating with First Nations people and communities, while empowering and enabling staff to drive change. Our internal RAP Working Group comprises several dedicated individuals with distinguished leadership skills, integral for guiding our wider workforce through this journey.

Click here to view and download our Reconciliation Action Plan Innovate 2023 – 2025.

Click here to view and download our Reconciliation Action Plan Innovate 2021 – 2023.

To find our more about our Reconciliation Action Plan, please get in touch with Sarah Slattery