Market Updates


NSW Construction market update: July 2021

COVID-19 in NSW is causing a pause on construction and non- urgent maintenance works. A blow to builders and subcontractors who have started to recover from the last major lockdown and are beginning to see an increase in demand. The building and construction industry was considered an “essential-service” with building sites remaining open and largely unaffected by the recent lockdown. However, this is no longer the case with builders now focused on locking up and securing their sites.


VIC Construction market update: July 2021

The disruptive nature of the pandemic caused a sharp decline in construction activity in Victoria during 2020. Though the latest forecasts reveal that the Australian construction market has and will continue to recover in 2021. Slattery’s latest VIC Construction Market Update explores how margins are beginning to return to pre-pandemic levels, putting upward pressure on pricing.


NSW Construction market update: December 2020

The rising costs of labour are a crucial element when assessing construction costs. In our final market update of 2020, Slattery unpack the recent EBA negotiations in New South Wales; the implications for builders and developers of the affected projects and the potential pathway forward.


NSW construction market update: September 2020

In June 2020, Slattery predicted short to medium competition in the national market to drive down prices by up to 10% in non-domestic construction. Three months later, the effects of the COVID-19 induced slowdown are becoming evident in the NSW market; prompting further discussion.


Melbourne’s Stage 4 Lockdown

As Melbourne nears the end of the first week in Stage 4 lockdown, a number of questions relating to the functioning of the construction industry remain to be answered. In our latest market update, Slattery analyses and explores the critical, overarching question – “how will the market adapt the second time around?”