Market Updates


NSW construction market update: December 2020

The rising costs of labour are a crucial element when assessing construction costs. In our final market update of 2020, Slattery unpack the recent EBA negotiations in New South Wales; the implications for builders and developers of the affected projects and the potential pathway forward.


NSW construction market update: September 2020

In June 2020, Slattery predicted short to medium competition in the national market to drive down prices by up to 10% in non-domestic construction. Three months later, the effects of the COVID-19 induced slowdown are becoming evident in the NSW market; prompting further discussion.


Melbourne’s Stage 4 Lockdown

As Melbourne nears the end of the first week in Stage 4 lockdown, a number of questions relating to the functioning of the construction industry remain to be answered. In our latest market update, Slattery analyses and explores the critical, overarching question – “how will the market adapt the second time around?”