Masterplanning & Feasibility Studies

Slattery’s methodology and approach to cost planning for Masterplanning & Feasibility Studies has been refined over many years and we have substantial project experience.

Central to compiling a tested and durable cost plan for Masterplan and Feasibility study stages, is for the cost planning team to capture a complete and comprehensive understanding of the project specific circumstances. Once the requirements and risks are known, the assessment and quantification of costs can be undertaken.

Slattery understands the value of a collaborative project team approach to creating successful project outcomes. Failing to capitalize on the cooperative opportunities is often to a project detriment. We strive at all times to maximise collective knowledge intrinsic within project teams and have many repeat clients who serve as a testimony to our approach.

For effective Masterplanning and Feasibility Studies, Slattery recognises:

  • The need for a robust understanding of the strategic plan for business growth through upgrading and expanding facilities and the options
  • The effectiveness of the Masterplanning and Feasibility Study Workshop Process in developing:
    • options evaluations criteria for onsite redevelopment as well as greenfield sites
    • site development opportunities workshop
    • the preferred option
    • staging and sequencing
  • which results in the Feasibility Study Report, which in turn informs the Business Case for approval and future funding.
  • The need to acquire all the cost influential information regarding the prospective site conditions and infrastructure services.
  • The importance of establishing the requirements of building mass and façade, furniture and equipment
  • Creating a cost plan which can clearly and separately identify the scope so as to assist with future funding procurement and allocation.