The Slattery Student Program

At Slattery, we are committed to attracting, engaging with and retaining the best young talent in the property and construction industry.

Click the below for more details on how to apply. 

Applications for the 2022 Slattery Student Program are now opened!

The Slattery Student Vacation Program is a paid 4-week program held nationally between 31st January and 25th February 2022. Opportunities are available across our Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney offices.

Slattery will not select students based on technical ability, rather students who:

  • Are highly motivated
  • Are enthusiastic
  • Are passionate about the property and construction industry
  • Appear to be a good cultural fit

The program reflects Slattery’s commitment to diversity, by recruiting all type of individuals no matter their gender, nationality or lifestyle choice.

The program features structured learning and gives students exposure to Slattery’s business model – through site visits, technical training, design and clients meetings, business development activities and staff interaction.

Following completion of the program, the students will be assessed and offered ongoing cadet positions if it is determined that they are the right fit or Slattery. Several of Slattery’s current Directors started at the company in student cadet positions.

“The program provides a great platform for students to experience all facets of construction cost management. The energy and enthusiasm the students bring each year means we get just as much enjoyment out of the program.Mark Cathie, Slattery Director. Mark started as a cadet.