Penguin Parade Visitor Centre

The new Penguin Parade Visitor Centre, designed by Terroir Architecture, opened in late 2019. It was relocated to an adjacent site on the peninsula, removing the old building (from 1988) and carpark site from land that was originally prime Penguin habitat and coastal wetlands. The new centre features full integration into the landscape with trail options, cultural interpretation, retail, and hospitality offers. Star-shaped, the new building is an exemplary design that minimises impact on ecological systems yet meets contemporary functional and capacity requirements and allows engagement with the unique coastal landscape, fauna, and access to experience the penguins. Slattery has also been working on Summerland Peninsular masterplan since 2016 and currently we are working with Phillip Island Nature Parks to prepare a Business Case for the Summerland Peninsular Trails and Penguin Parade.

Image credit: Peter Bennetts, Micheal Ford,
John Gollings