Slattery Forum Papers


Conversations: The Future Campus Village

Innovative partnerships between commercial developers and tertiary institutions are on the rise throughout Australia. However, with significant consideration required to achieve commercial success, how can these alliances account for the future growth of universities, whilst creating value for developers, institutions and students alike?


TEMC 2019

Click here to read the paper. Slattery has been a participant at the Tertiary Education Management Conference for the past nine consecutive years. This year, the stimulating theme  ‘Distilling ideas, transforming futures’ provided a number of thought provoking discussions related to the built environment. Slattery was represented at the conference ... more


Cultural Tourism: A new economic driver for Perth?

Click here to read the Kaizen Paper. Perth has a substantial opportunity to grow its share of international and domestic tourism, exploiting its proximity to Asia, new direct air-routes, Indigenous and natural heritage but does it have the right mix of attractions in the built environment coupled with capability to ... more


Conversations: The future precinct

Click here to read the Kaizen Paper. Precincts are increasingly important in shaping and sharing a communal story of our cities and people, in creating social and economic legacy through proactive design and place-making. By 2030, the number of people living in cities globally is expected to be around five ... more