550 Bourke Street, Melbourne- GPT

This project sees a rejuvenation of the food, beverage and retail offerings and ground floor lobby to 550 Bourke St, a hugely busy and popular business and legal sector destination. To date, Slattery has provided cost planning services to assist GPT Group in their planning and decision making for both 550 Bourke specifically as well as the wider Goldborough Lane & 181 William Street precinct. We have also provided advice on staging of the works to assist GPT’s consideration of no less than 10 master-plan options. The budget for the full-precinct scope of works is in the order of $40m. Detailed early estimates have allowed key decisions to be made early in the design process. This not only gave the client clear cost direction but it also meant that updates for revised schemes were simpler and easily understood by all stakeholders. Works are yet to commence.