Tom is one of the industry’s leading Quantity Surveyors. He has delivered some of the country’s most innovative projects and has been instrumental in shaping Australia’s property landscape. In 2021, Tom led the development of Australia’s first carbon planning service, now endorsed by GBCA and MECLA.

After four years leading Slattery’s Education Sector, we are excited to welcome Tom into his new role.  Slattery’s Carbon Planning Service, incentivised by Tom, is the first offered in Australia. This service is delivered in conjunction with Cost Planning to assist clients in achieving their Net Zero and sustainability targets. The focus of carbon plans is to address and educate clients on the embodied carbon of their current and future developments.

With a passion for sustainability – Tom also assisted in establishing Slattery’s Team Green, an internal team focused on making Slattery Carbon Neutral by 2022 and driving sustainable business changes. Currently sitting on the PCA Sustainability Committee, Tom has been instrumental in promoting Slattery as a leader for innovation in the carbon planning space.

Building carbon planning as a successful separate business unit within Slattery was one of Tom’s main goals. He has developed robust benchmarking data and delivered engaging presentations to clients. This has enabled Slattery to help drive change in the wider industry, by increasing understanding and awareness of the cost of carbon.

We congratulate Tom on his achievements to date and look forward to the impact he will have as Carbon Planning Director.