Today, Slattery hosted 90 clients and friends at The Ivy Sunroom for the annual Sydney Women’s Lunch.

Now a 13-year tradition, the event serves as a celebration of women in the property and construction industry and provides a vehicle for women to establish engaging and empowering connections.

Slattery was lucky to be joined by Aunty Ann Weldon for a humbling Welcome to Country at the onset.

Managing Director, Sarah Slattery, went on to speak of her experiences learning about First Nations culture over the past 18 months, stating “my eyes have been opened to just how much we have to learn from our Traditional Custodians. Particularly the women.”

Sarah also reinforced the mission of the Women’s lunch –

“I believe that by creating spaces for women to join together, share our stories and challenges, celebrate each other’s triumphs; is how our industry can best progress.”

The growth of this event serves as a representation of Slattery’s commitment to diversity, and of how far the traditionally male dominated property industry has evolved.