Slattery is delighted to announce we have achieved gender balance in our business. This demonstrates the impact of focusing our recruitment, retention and promotion strategies on being a workplace that reflects our society. The construction industry average is 18% of women in the workforce. This needs to improve. Slattery will continue to be vigilant about calling out bias to achieve diversity in all areas of our business.

Slattery is proud to advocate not only for gender equity but for reconciliation, LGBTIQ+ advancement, a sustainable future, disability rights, and mental health awareness.

At Slattery, we welcome people no matter their gender, culture, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. We celebrate the unique contribution such a diverse and inclusive team can make.

“Supporting gender parity through an unbiased remuneration and promotion approach at Slattery has always made sense. Having joined Slattery as a Cadet and now a Director, I am proud of the way Slattery embraces people’s talent and contributions rather than their gender, age or culture and in return we attract some amazing talent.” Mark Cathie, Director.