Sarah Slattery, Managing Director, and Josh Slattery, Executive Chairman, recently featured in the AIQS publication ‘The Building Economist’ and were interviewed on the topics of digital innovation and workplace flexibility.

When questioned about how built environment cost professionals should encourage and raise the usage of digital innovation in the industry, Sarah acknowledged that “the concept that we can use technology to undertake tasks more efficiently is a threat to many”, going on to state “to improve the uptake in digital innovation, we must begin to remove these barriers of fear and distrust,” a task currently undertaken by Slattery’s ‘National Innovation Committee.’ Sarah went on to point out “we have made a deliberate attempt to create a culture of innovation at Slattery” which has “ultimately (added) greater surety and confidence in the cost control process”.

Questioned on the ways in which Slattery supports flexible hours and the importance of doing so, Josh informed the publication that “any organisation serious about maintaining its competitiveness must embrace diversity as a strategic business imperative” which is often best done by “looking for creative ways to accommodate work life balance”. This in turn ensures that all Slattery employees bring their “best selves to work” and has secured Slattery’s reputation as a leading firm, that is both dynamic and diverse.

Ultimately, Sarah and Josh alike emphasised the importance of a workplace that is flexible in its management of both employees and technology as a key contributor to Slattery’s continued success.

View the publication here.

  • For the digital innovation interview featuring Sarah, refer to pages 4-7
  • For the flexible working arrangement interview featuring Josh, refer to pages 22-27