In early March, Managing Director Sarah Slattery visited Alice Springs accompanied by Sydney based Indigenous artist Thea Anamara Perkins and art curator Barbara Flynn, who was recently engaged by Slattery to select art for Slattery’s Sydney office art collection.

Part of the collection will feature works by the Tangentyere Artists; Alice Springs based Aboriginal owned Art Centre providing arts training and workshops, as well as marketing and sales support for the artists. It will also feature a series of portraits by Perkins of five senior figurative painters:

  • Betty Conway
  • Sally M. Mulda
  • Nyinta Donald
  • Grace Robinya
  • Doris Thomas

An official collection opening night will be held at the Slattery Martin Place office in May with a number of artists in attendance.

Images and collection copyright of Tangentyere artists Betty Conway, Sally M Mulda, Nyinta Donald, Grace Robinya, Doris Thomas and Thea Anamara Perkins. 

Image 1: Grace and Sally with their works in progress, pictured with Sarah

Image 2: Nyinta with her works

Image 3: Tangentyere studio

Image 4: Doris in front of her works, pictured with Sarah

Image 5: Sally and Thea, in front of their respective works