Alamanda College

Slattery was appointed as Cost Consultants by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development for the new K-9 State school located in Alamanda Place, Point Cook. Alamanda State College comprises a Kindergarten, Early Learning Centre and a complex of newly refurbished relocatables. The architecturally designed Early Learning Centre draws its inspiration from the highly successful Integrated Learning Scheme, creating interactive areas for different aged students but not segregating them to defined areas. The Kindergarten was designed in a complementary theme to the learning centre with a nature inspired outdoor play area to stimulate and grow young imaginations. The relocatable complex was designed for the older students creating a more mature and adult space to prepare them for the Senior College.

The State College is located within the newly created Alamanda Estate in Point Cook. Slattery provided full Cost Management Services including Cost Planning and Construction Phase Cost Management. Our role included reporting on all components of the project budget including furniture and equipment.